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"Amazing Experience! Awakening Harmony offered such a beautiful variety of community, self work and integration for anyone who feels stuck and wants to dive into self discovery with the full support of an amazing community of people."

        - L.S. Palm Harbor, FL

"I was blown away by the strong sense of community, by both the leaders and participants. We all felt safe opening up to each other. The ceremony was very cleansing and the music was extremely powerful. I hope to be back soon."

        - J.Y. Jersey City, NJ

"Awakening Harmony was an incredible experience. The space created and held provided an opportunity for amazing growth. I'm very grateful for this community and to engage in this beautiful important work - to enter a space of full acceptance, of unconditional love and be seen and heard and held and loved. Thank you!"

        - P.H. Charleston, SC

"A wonderful experience!"

        - C.A. Detroit MI

"Never felt more at home with a family and growing family. This community is very special and important."

        - S.D. Jacksonville, FL

"This was an absolutely amazing experience!"

        - S.T. OH

"Awakening Harmony is an experience that allows for deeper connection with the self. The feeling of being supported by facilitators and the participants is sacred. Opening up to truth and love through song has never been more meaningful."

        - A.S. Akron, OH

"Awakening Harmony is a very special kind of medicine that encourages, supports and allows you to connect with your highest self. Fox and the fellow facilitators helped me travel from trauma to trust."

        - L.K. Savannah, GA

"Experiences like this, this is the good stuff. The juiciness of life, it’s “hard,” it’s deep, it’s worth doing, it’s necessary for evolution and I’m thrilled to have been a part of it. Progress is a process and this is a great way to do that."

        - T.F. West Virginia

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