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We draw from a huge number of practices, modalities, and established concepts to bring a unique spin on classic activities, as we weave in new and fresh ones. Below is an explanation of some of the less common. 

• Authentic Relating Games   Increase presence, connection, self-awareness, and empathy through deep and activities that guide you in sharing on a much deeper level.

• Song Circles   Singing is our birthright! Connect with your voice and breath, and merge your vibrations with a group for the sake of harmony, unification, and healing. We generally explore songs that uplift the spirit and touch us at the soul level, and are easy to pick up.

• Passion Shows  Present your unique passions with the promise of support from our group. You can sing, dance, read a poem, tell a joke, whatever you’d like.  The first step is getting up on stage and letting ‘you’ shine.

• Language Empowerment   Identifying and becoming aware of the parts of our speech that are not serving us, and replacing them with words that will more fully empower us.

• Exploring Chakras   Chakras are the energy centers of the body. The seven main chakras align the spine from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Offerings include vocal and emotional connections to the chakras.

• Contact Dancing   Dance technique where points of physical contact provide a start for movement improvisation and exploration. Energize your connection, and explore your creative movement!

• Emotional Release work   Using a variety of techniques and group work, we help release trauma, tension and anxiety that results from bringing repressed feelings and memories into consciousness.

• Angel Wash   A profoundly deep and powerful group experience where song, healing touch, affirmations, praise and adoration is given to each other in a safe and loving space. Absolutely unforgettable.

• Grief Ceremony   Grief is universal and we have all experienced loss in some way, shape, or form. This ceremony allows you to grieve intentionally, supported in a community setting through songs, ceremonial items, trained facilitation and medicinal herbs. Allow your heart to open and feel the power of grief witnessed in a group to help move you through longstanding sadness and into higher energy for your mind, body, and soul.
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