Dear Beloved Awakening Harmony Participant,


We are so excited to gather with you at the Hostel in the Forest this coming weekend. We've been brewing up some incredible activities and ceremonies to ensure a memorable and magical experience for everyone involved.

The event softly opens with check-in and tours of the Hostel at 2pm and a song circle at 4pm. Dinner will be served at 6pm and our official opening circle will commence after dinner. The weekend will continue until a closing circle from 4-5pm on Sunday. If you wish to stay for dinner or an extra night on Sunday, please make arrangements with the hostel (912-264-9738).

In preparation for the weekend, please bring:

* Journal: you will be doing some writing exercises in a number of the sessions

* Plenty of snacks: anything you need to supplement the vegetarian brunches and dinners that will be served from Friday night until Sunday morning. Fridge space is limited so shelf-stable snacks are best!

* Water bottle

* Extra blanket: the hostel provides all your linens, but with a full house and variable temperatures, extra nighttime warmth is a good idea :)

* Intentions for what you wish to receive out of our time together

* Willingness and courage to open up to new experiences

* Optional: swimsuit, sunscreen, yogamat, items for a ceremonial altar


Please leave the following at home (or in your car):

* Drugs and alcohol

* Computers and electronic devices

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. Also let us know if your plans have changed or if you expect to arrive later than opening circle.


With gratitude and sweet anticipation for our upcoming time together,


Jon, Fox, and Zara

The Awakening Harmony Team

Awakening Harmony (C) 2020

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