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Couples Intimacy Weekend

Friday, August 11th - Sunday, August 13th

* Orgasmic Cultivation*

* Anatomy of Arousal* 

* Heart-Healing Cacao Ceremony*

* Songs of Adoration

* Intimacy Games*

* Empowered Communication

* Improv Body Exploration

The weekend begins Friday morning and continues until Sunday early evening. Include two vegetarian brunches, two vegetarian dinners, and two nights stay at Sunswept Farms, a magical gem in Southern Appalachia.

Come celebrate your relationship by going deeper in this transformative, intimacy-building retreat at Sunswept Farm in Hot Springs, NC. Awaiting you is an engaging weekend of interplay, ceremony, and personal growth that will enhance and rejuvinate your connection with yourself and your partner with support from your community. We will explore the realms of touch, song, dance, communication, and sexuality in a fun and safe community of couples. All gender- and sexually-oriented partnerships are welcome.

Guest Facilitators

Our facilitators are truly honored to be joined by two of the most exciting voices in sexual embodiment and empowerment. 






Luna is the CEO of Pussy Witch, a radically inclusive, sex positive agenda for the pleasure revolution. As a Sexual Empowerment Educator & Coach, Luna’s main mission is helping humans cultivate consensual relationships with their bodies, their sexuality, and the Earth. She is passionate about passion and discussing the complex nature of culture, money, and oppression. She seeks and holds spaces for experiences that push edges, deepen intimacy, and allows for extended states of mind and heart opening bliss. Luna's background is in Chemistry and she loves bridging logic and science with mysticism and tantra. Combining 6 years of botanical medicine making, she weaves together sensuality and herbalism, crafting flower arousals and Erotica botanica for her Pleasure Apothecary.

Taylor is the founder of Sexual Tao and is passionate about helping people thrive in their intimate & sexual lives, and about creating fun and safe spaces to talk openly about sexuality. His workshops draw from a combination of Tantra, Taoist Sexuality, communication practices and western science, and focus on experiential exercises. He also works one on one with men, to help them build ejaculation control, and to move beyond the traditional concepts of orgasm to be able to share ecstatic orgasmic experiences with their partners. Taylor's educational background is in Psychology and Biopsychology, with a strong personal interest in spiritual and religious studies. Professionally he brings years of experience working in the Integrative Health field both as a health coach and a program coordinator to his current passion.


Sunswept farms is a beautiful homestead and event center located in Hot Springs, an hour north of Asheville. The land boasts beautiful gardens, orchards, and pasture, with amazing facilities and structures, and majestic forest surrounding. It's the perfect place to get away, breath, and get closer to your partner.


Are you relationship experts?

Relationships are fed by new experiences, inspiration, and safely exploring vulnerable edges with one another. Our facilitators have each explored different aspects of being wholehearted in relationships, The ideas, wisdom, and skills they have accrued from their various teachers and elders has been distilled with new elements added to present ancient ideas in new, exciting, and fun ways.


How will we be interacting with other couples?

Though the bulk of the weekend will be focused on interacting with our partners, we will interact with the rest of the community through song, games, and conscious witnessing. We will share meals, swimming, free-time, and words of our joys and challenges together.

Will there be public sexual interactions?

This is more of a sensual and emotional experience, with elements of sexuality. There will be optional situations for connecting with your partner in a room of other couples, but there will be no guided sexual connections between couples.

I'm single. Will I be paired up if I come?

No. This special event is for established couples only! Consider coming to our Roots of Authenticity event in September.

As a couple's event, each ticket gains admittance for two adults over the age of 18. The ticket covers 3 brunches, 2 dinners, and pristine camping. Each ticket is sold on a sliding scale. The middle tier represents the fair wage price to adequately pay the facilitation and support team. The lower tier allows for more affordability for participants and the higher tier helps to balance out the lower ticket prices. Please pay what you can! Tickets are transferable, but non-refundable.
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