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Awakening Harmony creates inspiring musical events for joy, growth, and healing.  Through engaging activities and challenging emotional work, coupled with dynamic movement and a lot of fun, we explore our outer joys and inner worlds to bring out our voice, feelings, and spirit. The result is a unifying, enlivening, and connective experience, filling us with energy and inspiration that we can bring back to our daily lives. This is deep work that nourishes the soul, enlivens the spirit and helps us move through barriers towards real understanding, connection, and community. Delicious meals, a beautiful setting, and accommodation are provided, so that we can focus on personal development, honoring our feelings, and community building.

Weekend Retreats

Full of an incredible quality of love and connection, our retreats offer the opportunity to get away and focus on who you are, your life path, your goals, your spirituality, your feelings, and how you relate to the world around you. These weekends allow you to dive deep into emotionally challenging work in a musical and fun way brings out the best in you. Events are never more than 45 people to ensure a close knit community.


Our programs are hosted in gorgeous and magical retreat centers that are pristine and beautiful, usually within an hour of major cities. With comfortable indoor accommodation, hot showers, beautiful views, and camping options for those who prefer, the locations remind us of the beauty that is all around us.


Delicious and lovingly prepared by amazing chefs, food is served twice daily, buffet style. We eat together as a group, and before every meal we give gratitude through dance, music, or humorous activities.

The flow of the weekend

Weekends begin on Friday as we welcome everyone with encouragement, laughter, song, and some creative activities to warm up. Every morning starts with unique movement such as yoga, qi gong, contact improv, or acro yoga. Throughout the 3 days together, we have a variety of classes that are designed to be fun, thoughtful, connective, active, emotional, and growthful. There is also time for journalling and general peace for self-reflection. Night times are always lively, as we sit around the fire, and enjoy lightly-guided songs, stories, talent shows, and connection games. We conclude the weekend with a co-created, non-denominational, ceremony where we deepen into our emotional journey in a profound and powerful way. This leads into an integration period where we figure out how bring the best parts of ourselves into our daily lives.

Our story
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